The perfect wedding invitations

Sending save the dates felt like one of the first major items on our checklist. It made everything so, well, official! Save the dates signal that yes, this is really happening, and this is when it’s all going down. It’s exciting, but also a little nerve-wrecking. (I mean, isn’t that wedding planning in a nutshell?)

Getting to the point where my partner and I could cross “send save the dates” off our wedding to-do list was trickier than we anticipated. The process was more intensive than simply picking a day and telling everyone. It required self-reflection. We had to start thinking seriously about our guest list and to whom we’d ultimately send invitations.

1. Invitations with no photo details

The Happy Couple
Love In The City
Over The Moon
Midnight Vineyard
Come Fly With Us
Creme Brulee
Love Letter
The Square Type

        2. Invitations with photos

Date Check
Urban Type
Meet Us
Minimal Romance
Modern Expression
Single Swath
Vintage Photograph
Our Heart