"All you need is your love and the fabulous hall of Blerimi Palace."


Bar & Restaurant

The main building “Blerimi” provides a wide range of services. Enjoy the quiet landscape accompanied by drinks from a rich variety of products and carefully cooked dishes from the restaurant’s kitchen. This enchanting, composite and furnished environment for a comfortable stay is organized by the interior, veranda and main balcony.

Family Events

Spend your family joys in this warm space with a capacity of up to 150 people. Birthday, banquets, balloons, or small ceremonies find the right harmony in the space devoted to beautiful emotions. The whole environment receives light and color adapted to the typology of the event by a simple cocktail at lunch or dinner of varied dishes.

Evente Familjare
Salle Konferencash

Conference Room

The complex is dedicated to a conference room equipped with all the necessary technological tools (Projector and Audio System) for the smooth running of meetings and presentations. The layout of tables and chairs is adapted according to the theme of the meeting, enabling their arrangement in the form of banquet, oval and cinema.

Marriage Ceremony

The splendor of love would have no more beautiful palace than the one organized on the hills of the city. The interior space is suitable for 480 people, and can be arranged in different seating position according to the requirements.
The outside environment turns into a beautiful scene that manifests the celebration ceremony. It is also decorated and organized for cocktails and cake cutting. 500 m 2 coupled with fountains all at your service. For all guests, the vehicle is fitted in 60 parking spaces.

dasem - ceremoni martesore
hotel hotel blerimi


The 2nd floor of 900 m2 is organized in 11 rooms, both individual and couple. Find the fantastic blend of energy and availability staff to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable stay. The rooms are warm, equipped with air conditioning system, clean and handled daily by the hygiene staff.

Kitchen Course

For anyone interested in learning, improving or licensing the kitchen profession, “Blerimi” organizes cookery courses. The curriculum is rich in lectures and practice, enabling students to qualify and quickly absorb knowledge. The duration of the course varies from 6, 9 and 12 months. In partnership with the “Swiss Contact” after the completion of the program, the trainees are offered employment opportunities inside and outside the country.
Today we enjoy a wealthy portfolio of 1500 students formed in success stories. The particularity of this course is the active practice at work through the events being done.
Learn from over 20-year culinary leaders and become the future of cooking art.

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