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About Us

The Incarnation of the Tale of Love

Every love story is beautiful, but celebrating with us is the most magnificent coronation you will live in.

Our Story

“Blerimi” main building was constructed in 1987 and it was named after its surrounding nature: greenery, fresh air and relaxing view.

In 1993 it was all restored to create a new service area. Well planned organization, made this location the first choice to rest and relax. Rich cuisine of traditional dishes attracted a wide range of clients. This complex of visual and service components delivered a great position in the market for “Blerimi”. Finally this place was client’s first choice to manifest family gathering celebrations.

In search of the best quality, we brought “Blerimi Palace”. After four working years of Italian professionals for designing, stylizing and decorating, in 2015, a tempting magic place was added to the special neoclassic style. Each of their ideas was implemented in structural and furniture details. Everything was inspired of Italian cities, places in which where still nowadays get married the elite of worldwide art, culture and sports.
For the first time in Albania you would find this type of high corridors in “Blerimi Palace”. This space suits up to 480 people, and may be organized in different table positions, adapted to your requests.

"All you need is your love and the fabulous hall of Blerimi Palace."

This architecture stands above everything that art created. Ornaments, colors and shapes are designed and adapted to transmit special emotions of couple’s union in engagement/marriage.

Greatness of love would never find a better palace, than this one founded on the hills of the city. Outdoor area turns into a beautiful scene which manifests celebration. It may be organized and decorated for cocktail and cake ceremony. 500 m2 served to your requests surrounded by fountains. To all the guests it is dedicated parking lot for 60 automobile spots.


Since June 2015th, “Blerimi Palace” is the most sophisticated and completed area in Albania where can be found a fine combination of architecture, service and price. Our mission is to serve in a perfect balance of quality and price.


Marriage ceremony it’s not a duty. It is a feeling! 25 years now your happiness is our responsibility.Our dedication fulfills each of your requests, because wedding party is the biggest investment in life.

Many call us the best in our service area, but to our work we are modest because we constantly search the best. Based on our values, partnerships are selective. Our collaboration with event’s leader “Geraldina Sposa” turns the hall into a royal ball.
Each detail is selected and refined carefully to transmit the right message toward friends and family. With us, this day will be not just the most beautiful day of your life, but a fairytale in real life. Family starts here!


Our cuisine is our greatest advantage. A space of 250 m2 dedicated to the creative imagination of our chef who makes art with dishes cooked in new technology equipment. It maintains ingredient’s flavor and combines traditional and Italian food.
It represents one of the rarest style “Mare & Monto”, fish and meat menu intermitted by a sorbet.

Couple’s requests and guest’s preferences entwine with high quality components and cuisine’s art. Class in details: plates, spoon & fork sets and food decoration.


During all these years we studied and adopted the best methods of a high quality service. We train our staff and practice advises from the leaders of events planning. Each one does the assigned job and our manager controls each process. Heavy calendar or close dates are not a problem for us, because everything is planned and realized using every second efficiently.

Our Partners