Facts on Solitaire Rings

Apart from being the most expensive or the cheapest, the diamond solitaire engagement rings, which are now considered the sine qua non for marriage proposal, are in fact a valuable asset that symbolizes the emotional aspect of the relationship, love and loyalty.

However, it is not an asset in the financial sense of the word. The moment you leave the jeweler, the price you pay is at least half the value. Even if this is a bit uncomfortable, we still feel compelled to buy them for our loved ones. It is a fact that the solitaire carries a psychological necessity, although the marketing genius that persuades that diamonds are the ultimate symbols of love, romance and marriage all over the world.

Still, I hear you say I want a diamond ring with a beautiful solitaire diamond .

Diamond solitaire rings become a symbol of wealth, power and romance, but are also an element of being more cool among women. Although we usually try to make decisions only by looking at the size, we should say that there are many details you should know when making your choice.

Cut, clarity, color and carat details distinguish solitaire. This is called the 4C rule (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat). In determining the value of the diamond, neither of these features is more effective than the other.

Diamond StoneDiamond solitaire rings represent eternity and loyalty due to the durability and formation of the diamond for thousands of years. Diamond, which is a technique used in the processing of diamonds, is a cut that enables the raw diamond to be seen in its most brilliant form. Therefore, solitaire rings are also preferred diamond.

The most popular diamond shape is round. More than sixty percent of the diamond rings on the market are round. The round segment is said to shine more because it captures more light. Twenty-five percent of the solitaire rings on the market are princess-cut diamonds, which are more square-like. Princess cuts are also advantageous in terms of production, because round cuts will also be more of a loss. Compared to carats, rounded stones are always more expensive. In other words, instead of 1 carat round cut diamond on average 1.5 carat princess cut price is close to each other. Since only the princess is close to the cut square, when you put them side by side, the top dimensions of these two diamonds will be the same.

Apart from these, you can also find some oval, marquise and drops.

The color is also a distinctive feature of the solitaire. Colors are expressed in letters on diamonds. Accordingly, letters S to Z are colored, letters N to R are colored white, letters K to M are white, letters G to J are rare white and the most valuable ones are F, E and D which are less colorless. The letter order ranges from D to Z. The most valuable color is D ‘, but its value decreases as it moves towards Z.

Diamont CaratBecause diamonds are formed as a mine with years of pressure that lasts for years, there are certain scratches on the diamond. These scratches are too small to be seen with the eye. The most valuable one is named F. It follows VVS1 – VVS2 and then comes VS1-VS2. also SI1 and SI2 diamonds have’ll find in Turkey and cleanliness are at a level where you can easily get a good color. In diamonds with clarity levels called I1, I2 and I3, the scratches are a bit more.

Solitaire prices range from 340 pounds to 250,000 pounds.

Simply summarizing all three items;

1) For most pairs the clarity ratio between VS, S1, D, E, F, G, H color on the color scale will be a pleasing choice of diamond engagement rings.

2) Generally accepted in most parts of the world the value of the solitaire ring is not less than 3 times the monthly salary of the person to receive it.

3) In cases where this rule does not work, it is at least 1 carat in weight.