Five Great Purposes for Table Numbers

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Five Purposes for Table Numbers at a Wedding or Event

When creating the floor plan for your wedding or your next corporate event, you may find yourself looking for a system to organize tables. That’s where table numbers come in. They aren’t just a way for us caterers to determine what order to serve people food, they serve a few more purposes than that. For couples or corporate planners wanting to carry out your decor theme to the finest detail, using names or titles rather than numbers is a great way to incorporate your theme and tie it all together.While they are crucial for organizing seating arrangements and hopefully differentiate between the tables, there are a lot of uses for table numbers – we’ve outlined five purposes for table numbers below.

Show Personality

No longer limited to a white card perched on a silver stand, you can be as creative as you like when displaying your table numbers. For couples, you can have lots of fun creating your wedding reception table numbers, from showing a photo of each of the newlyweds at the corresponding age for that number to choosing a table name that is a reference to a book, movie, or location that is special to you. Corporate events could name the tables after divisions of the company, values that the business holds or anything that is in keeping with the decor theme for the event.

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Determine the order for eating

A practical use for table numbers is to determine the order in which tables are released to go to the buffet. An emcee will often play a game, draw numbers from a hat or simply choose randomly which tables will go first and call number by number until every table has had a chance to go eat.

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Organize seating

When using an assigned seating, table numbers are necessary when creating a seating chart so that guests can find their way to seats easily. With guests listed under each table number on a large sign or chart, well-marked tables will save your guests a lot of roaming around the room to find their place card. This is especially important for very large events.

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Get the conversation started

Creative table numbers, where each is different, will serve as a talking piece during your cocktail hour. Guests can mingle with each other as they travel from table to table admiring every different design.

Centerpiece replacement

For thrifty couples, creating a unique way to display the table number or name can double as a centerpiece, saving money while still adding a decorative touch to each table at their wedding.

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