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Weddings post Covid19

The whole world experienced a very hard time during the pandemic period which changed the way of life everywhere in the world. One of the most affected industries was HoReCa which refers to the Category of Hotels and Restaurants. So, at Blerimi Palace there was a pause, as everywhere.

Despite all the negative effects of the hole situation, Blerimi Palace used this period of time to reflect and be inspired, 

When we realized that this situation would last we organized our team to do researches in the fields of service, cooking and event. We made part of our work the latest trends of hall decoration. Enriched the menus with different traditional dishes. We also opened applications to train in culinary many passionate young people, for whom Blerimi’s doors would be open for vacancies after the pandemic.


*Of course all the measures against Covid – 19 have been strictly respected.


We used this time to optimize the conditions so that after opening we could offer our customers the best, as they deserve. Now almost everything is back to normal. Blerimi Palace is as usually at your service with wonderful event halls, fantastic decorations and colors, specialized staff and delicious cuisine. Everything with the purpose of making real a magical evening.

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The message we got from all this hard time we went through is that NOW is the time to celebrate, enjoy life and most of all CELEBRATE LOVE! It’s coronation is one of the most precious moments in life.


  • Being close to our most beloved people at the beginning of a new stage.
  • Fulfilling the dream of a magical night, in a fabulous dress and environment.
  • Giving the night the colors and taste we want.


Personalize your event!